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Birding in Kansas website!

This is a brand new website being developed to help you find locations to go birdwatching in Kansas.  Below is a map of Kansas that you can click on to find individual county birding information.  Not all county information will be available at once, but as a county is finished it will be posted. As time goes on more and more counties will be added to aid you in finding descriptions of birding locations in all 105 Kansas counties, Kansas birding hotspots and what you might see while birding in those locations. As of the date at the end of this page, there are 41 county accounts posted. Keep checking back regularly!

In the meantime, you can find bird lists for all 105 counties at the Kansas County Checklist Project.  This site also maintains maps showing which counties in Kansas any species on the Kansas Checklist has been seen in.

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when birding in Kansas. Over 98% of all land is private property. Entering private land without permission is trespassing no matter why you are doing it! Respect private property and let's keep a good name for bird watchers and birding. Many of the roads in the county accounts are non-paved. Some may be well maintained gravel or rock roads, others will be unmaintained dirt roads. When it rains or snows even the best of gravel roads, and certainly unmaintained roads can become slippery, treacherous or bottomless mud holes. We take no responsibility if you get stuck. Always proceed with great caution during wet/rainy/snowy conditions. No bird is worth risking your safety! In spring and summer weather conditions can change rapidly and severe thunderstorms can develop rapidly. Learn to keep an eye on the weather for your own safety!

If you have questions about this project or birding in Kansas in general, feel free to contact the mad man coordinating this project, Chuck Otte, at otte2 at cox.net.

Monthly bird walks in Kansas.

Map of writing assignments for county account authors.

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Updated April 7, 2016